5 Ways to Get More Instagram Story Views

5 Ways to Get More Instagram Story Views
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Capturing the attention of over 500 million daily Story viewers, directing your marketing endeavors towards a successful Instagram Stories strategy can yield significant benefits. Discover our top five strategies in this blog post to boost engagement and ultimately garner more views on your Stories. for more information about 5 Ways to Get More Instagram Story Views:


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5 Ways to Get More Instagram Story Views


5 Ways to Get More Instagram Story Views

  1. Add an Engagement-driving Sticker
  2. Include an Extra Story at the End
  3. Share Exclusive Content
  4. Tap Into Instagram’s Close Friends
  5. Be Consistent


Strategy #1: Add an Engagement-driving Sticker to Your First Story

Elevating your Stories’ viewership rapidly can be achieved by incorporating engagement-driven stickers, like polls, emoji sliders, or quizzes. By prompting immediate interaction with your Stories, you provide a significant push to the Instagram algorithm.

Increased clicks and engagements on your Stories translate to higher visibility, as Instagram prioritizes content with more interactions by placing it at the forefront of users’ feeds.


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Strategy #2: Include an Extra Story at the End of the Day

A proven and tested technique suggested by Later’s Social Content Lead, Lindsay Ashcraft.

“Introducing a new Story during the 22nd to 23rd hour, just before the expiration of our remaining Stories, gives them all an extra boost in views.” While the precise reason behind this effectiveness remains unclear, it’s certainly worth experimenting with.

Later’s social team also conducted an experiment, taking a brief break to assess its impact on Story views.

“We didn’t observe anything extraordinary for us,” Lindsay shares. “Although many people recommend this, we haven’t consistently replicated results.”

In case you missed it: Simplify your Instagram Stories posting with Later’s social media management tools, ensuring efficiency and time savings in the long run.


Strategy #3: Share Exclusive Content on Stories

While it might seem like a classic marketing strategy, sharing exclusive content remains a reliable method to boost views—especially if the content holds value or captivates your audience.

For brands, this might involve a time-limited 24-hour discount code. Creators can opt for a tutorial teaser or an undisclosed perspective never shared before:

The transient nature of Instagram Stories proves beneficial in generating excitement—particularly when complemented by a feed post caption enticing viewers to explore your stories for additional insights.


Strategy #4: Tap Into Instagram’s Close Friends Feature

Little-Known Strategy for Boosting Instagram Stories Views  Discover a lesser-known tactic that can significantly enhance your Instagram Stories viewership.

Observant users may have recognized that when you’re added to someone’s Close Friends list, their Stories appear closer to the front of your feed with a distinct green border.

This preference is due to Instagram prioritizing content from “close connections.”

While it may not be practical to add all your followers to a Close Friends list, it serves as an excellent method to deliver crucial information to the most engaged members of your community.


Strategy #5: Be Consistent

Consistency stands out as a paramount method to garner views on your Instagram Stories, boost sales, and amplify engagement.

Yet, the task of posting daily Instagram Stories presents challenges, from selecting content and finding time for creation to the occasional lapse in posting. Overcoming these hurdles is essential to harness the full potential of consistent storytelling on Instagram.


What are the advantages of increasing story views on Instagram?

Elevating your presence on Instagram Stories can yield several benefits, making it a strategic move for individuals and businesses alike:

Increased Visibility: Stories appear prominently at the top of users’ feeds, offering a prime location to capture attention. By regularly posting Stories, you enhance your visibility and remain on the radar of your audience.

Engagement Boost: Instagram prioritizes content from accounts with which users engage frequently. Posting Stories and encouraging interactions through features like polls or questions can heighten engagement, ensuring your content stays relevant.

Audience Connection: Stories provide a more personal and spontaneous touch compared to traditional posts. Sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, exclusive content, or day-in-the-life snippets fosters a deeper connection with your audience.

Algorithm Favor: Instagram’s algorithm rewards consistent and engaging content. The more your audience interacts with your Stories, the higher the likelihood that your content will be pushed to the forefront of their feed.

Marketing Opportunities: Instagram Stories offer a versatile platform for marketing strategies. From product launches and promotions to tutorials and sneak peeks, leveraging Stories can diversify your marketing approach and reach a broader audience.

In essence, raising your story on Instagram is a strategic move to enhance visibility, engagement, and connection with your audience while capitalizing on the platform’s algorithmic preferences

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